James O'Connell

Hello everyone, I've not been about for a while, sorry!
Last year was a journey, ...leading me to what I feel is an even greater journey. Its time for some honey production (' ' ,)

Huw Roberts

113 UK share tips placed at Stockomendation today - that's 185 this week already, all performance monitored and presented in easy-to-read tip performance tables and charts. Get the tips, get the data at Stockomendation!

Huw Roberts

TOP TIPSTER TIP TODAY: AVOID Wood Group (John) (WG.) by Roland Head for The Motley Fool. Share price -6.71% since placed at Stockomendation

Huw Roberts

BEST OF THE BROKERS TODAY: HOLD Fenner (FENR) by Investec. Share price +24.85% since placed at Stockomendation

Roberto A. Foglietta


Facebook's stock drop down another $18bn step after the last sharp drop of $36bn, summing up a total loss of $48bn which is 9% of the whole capitalisation.

This is image shown the two falls in the perspective of a 5 years linear growth. Another stock drop was registered between Oct 21, 2016 ($132) and Dec 30, 2016 ($115) but since it raised up to last Friday ($185) to fall down this Tuesday ($167).